If you’re involved in recruiting or marketing, drip marketing should be part of your strategy. Drip marketing can yield excellent results and provide an effective method for building relationships with students and influencers. Drip email campaigns are great for reaching leads generated at education fairs, from your own website or from third-party websites.

Drip campaigns are delivered as a series of communications over time. Drip marketing with an eye on frequency and brand consistency will lead to better connections and better conversions — at a reasonable cost.

What Is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is typically set up as a series of automated emails, sent over the course of a pre-determined schedule. The specific emails can be triggered by time elapsed — say, a follow-up two days after an initial blast — or an event, like signing up for a contest or making a purchase.

In the education sphere, drip marketing usually entails ongoing emails (anywhere from 3 to 12) designed to go out to prospects and applicants over a specified period. Each student receives the messages 2 – 7 days apart.

Introducing Drip Marketing on The SchoolFinder Platform

With over 800,000 students, parents and counsellors in our database, we generate hundreds of thousands of requests for information annually – we understand the demands of email communication. To make it easier to manage, we have developed a drip marketing solution designed to help you. Based on our ezRecruit™ technology you can now use drip marketing for lead generation, or lead management for those without a CRM.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you better understand the process:

  • Identify Your Goals:
    • Lead conversion
    • Generate awareness
    • Drive to apply
  • Identify Your Target Audience
    • Location (down to postal code)
    • Program of study interest (choose from up 1,400 programs)
    • Intended start date
    • Age
    • Degree of interest
    • Academic average
    • School of study (current and past high schools as well as post-secondary)
    • Interested region of study
    • Interests (travel, politics, technology, etc.)
    • Extra-curricular Activities
    • Heritage
    • Citizenship
    • Gender
  • Create the Email Campaigns:
    • Remember — help, don’t sell
    • Use graphics
    • Personalize the message for your audience
    • Apply a clear call to action
    • Emphasize quality over quantity
    • Create 3 — 12 relevant emails
  • Schedule Campaigns:
    • Determine the sequence and time between the email campaigns – we recommend 2 – 7 days apart
    • Set the start and end date for the campaigns
    • Set the timing for the recurrence. The SFG platform has hundreds of students creating accounts every day – you can easily set up recurring email campaigns that reach these students as they create their accounts.
    • Track your results
  • Next steps:
    • Measure the results of your drip campaign
    • Move high-interest prospects to a nurture email or call campaign

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