The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) has released the latest application data (May 11, 2022) and the number of applications is the highest it’s been in 10 years (or perhaps since the double cohort). At 749,113 applications, it represents a 6.2% increase over 2021, largely driven by an 8.4% increase from Ontario secondary school students.

While the number of applications saw significant growth the growth in the number of students applying was much smaller at .9%. The growth was a result of a 5.3% in the number of applications per applicant to 4.6. So the pool hasn’t grown as much as the competition!

Here is the summary data. For those not familiar with the Application Centre’s data collection, 101 applicants come from Ontario secondary schools and 105s are out of province/country secondary school students, mature students, and transfer students.

Ontario Secondary School Students (101)

May 4, 2022May 5, 2021% Difference
Number of Applicants92,43990,8861.7%
Applications per Applicant5.65.36.6%

All Other Applicants* (105)

May 3, 2022May 4, 2021% Difference
Number of Applicants69.68869,783-0.1%
Applications per Applicant3.33.21.6%

* Out of Province/Country Secondary School Students, Mature Students, Transfer Students.

Total (101 & 105)

2022 Admission2021 Admission% Difference
Number of Applicants162,127160,6690.9%
Applications per Applicant4.64.45.3%

The growth in applications was not distributed equally across all 26 universities. Here are the top 10 for Ontario secondary school students:

Ontario Secondary School Students (101)

May 4, 2022May 5, 2021% Difference
Ontario Tech University10,6197,93134%
University of Guelph33,29127,14123%
Algoma University89276217%
Trent University13,28611,37017%
OCAD University2,3382,01016%
University of Waterloo42,95637,38915%
Queen’s University38,23833,76613%
University of Ottawa35,25131,13813%
York University50,31844,52013%
Brock University17,20515,54811%

Congrats to all of them! Though we can’t make a straight-line correlation between their success and advertising, we couldn’t help but notice that 8 of the top 10 universities are using our SchoolFinder Group platform (, and to reach students and generate leads.

Looking at the 105 applicants, there is a similar story in terms of success using the SFG platform:

All Other Applicants (105)

May 4, 2022May 5, 2021% Difference
University of Guelph6,4525,54816%
Lakehead University1,7421,58610%
Western University – King’s1,1661,0719%
Ontario Tech University2,9482,7328%
University of Windsor2,9922,7848%
University of Ottawa28,19226,5606%
Wilfrid Laurier University4,9504,7245%
OCAD University1,7091,6494%
University of Waterloo22,64821,9223%
Trent University3,0462,9523%

Honourable mention to the Université de l’Ontario français, and Laurentian University-Hearst. They ranked 1 and 2 in this list, but as they both had fewer than 100 applications, we excluded them from this discussion.

To summarize, it looks like students are back — especially secondary students whose numbers had actually decreased in 2020. But recruiting may be getting more competitive — students are considering more programs and schools.

I hope this is helpful, and for those interested, the application data is updated monthly until August at

And the confirmation data will be available in June at

Happy recruiting!

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