Canada is one of the world’s favourite destinations for newcomers. From international students to skilled workers, Canada has committed to bringing hundreds of thousands of new Canadians into the country — even as the immigration backlog grows.

If you’re working at a post-secondary institution, you probably know the amount of resources international students will undoubtedly need once they arrive in Canada, from how to get around the city to building their professional network.

When it comes to networking, knowing professionals in your field is a vital aspect of finding job opportunities and learning how to apply. That’s where Immigrant Networks comes in: a free program for international students to network and connect with peers and professionals. For students who are looking to build their personal and professional community in Canada, Immigrant Networks can help.

About Immigrant Networks:

The heart of this free program gives students the chance to get matched with other newcomers who have similar life experiences and goals as they do. For example, for students interested in engineering, they’d get paired with fellow engineers.

Each week, they’ll receive an email, asking if they’re ready for a new match. If they are, they’ll be connected with a fellow newcomer or established professional, with a similar background and ambitions, as well as a suggested time to meet.

Immigrant Networks also offers Wednesday Workshops, as well as an array of video and text resources to help students

How You Can Help

If you’re at an institution and know international students who are looking to build their professional networks, please recommend joining Immigrant Networks!

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