The Study and Go Abroad fairs are back for 2022, and we can’t wait to see you there!

In case you missed it, the SchoolFinder Group recently acquired Recruit in Canada, and the Study and Go Abroad fairs. To celebrate, we’re inviting Canadian schools to five cities across the country!

Study and Go Abroad offers education fairs for students seeking the right school. In the past, these schools have been entirely international. This year, for the first time, Canadian schools are invited to exhibit alongside their overseas counterparts.

About the Study and Go Abroad fairs

The Study and Go Abroad fairs run throughout September, 2022. Here’s the schedule for the in-person events:

At each venue, schools will set up exhibition booths, and students are invited to visit, engage, and ask questions, throughout the afternoon.

Each fair will also feature an hour of free seminars for exhibitors, to encourage networking and connections!

What to expect at the fairs

We’ll start with an hour of seminars for exhibitors and students, before opening the doors to the main hall.

Some students may mill around a bit, while others will beeline for specific schools they’re interested in.

Traffic is usually busiest right at the start of the fair, and often slows down a bit during the middle, before picking up steam towards the end. Some students will filter in and out, while die-hards will attend the entire fair.

When you’re managing your booth, be sure to stay attentive, even if foot traffic is slow. If you’re on your phone, or catching up on work emails, some students might be hesitant to interrupt you. Keeping a cheerful, upbeat bearing will help encourage students to come chat.

Have business cards ready — yes, people still use those! — so students can easily contact you again. You may also want to have a list ready for names and emails so you can reach out after the fair.

To encourage engagement with students, consider offering swag, giveaways, prizes, or some kind of contest. Cash, gift cards, and tech work well, but you can also go for classic branded merch like water bottles and agendas. If you connect your lead gen form to entries for a grand prize, you’ll probably get more leads overall.

How to sign up for Study and Go Abroad

Exhibitor registration is open now! Whether you’re interested in a single city, just a couple, or the whole tour, we’re excited to have you on board.

Just fill out the registration form and we’ll reach out to discuss specifics.

When you exhibit at Study and Go Abroad, you’ll benefit from targeted marketing campaigns, with international exposure, with the goal of bringing your school to as many prospective students as possible. You’ll join the ranks of schools from over 50 countries that have exhibited over our nearly-30 year history!

Study and Go Abroad makes it easy to reach an audience of prospective Canadian students. By exhibiting, you’ll be on-the-ground, in-market, speaking directly with interested students and parents. Join us this September for Study and Go Abroad!

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