Finding the right program, school and scholarship is hard enough, especially now with so many options. And on top of that we are exposed to up to 10,000 ads per day. It’s hard to stand out!

Featuring your school, program, or scholarship will help you break through the crowd. It’s visual, clear and concise, and easy for students to understand. It’s also immune from banner ad blockers. And better yet, it is simple for you to manage, as the images and content are pulled from the database and don’t require a lot of tinkering.

Featured placements can run from a month to a year, and come in three types: School, Program, and Scholarship. These placements appear prominently on the main pages of,, and With a featured placement, thousands of student visitors will see your featured elements, front and centre.

Featured School

Just like it sounds, a featured school means that your institution is featured on the main page of either or These rotate, meaning that you’ll have an equal opportunity to be seen.

When a student is interested in your institution, they can click your profile to learn more, and even request information. The best part? We track performance metrics, meaning we share the impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.

In the past year, we generated more than 7,526,666 impressions and 10,916 clicks through to featured school pages on SchoolFinder.

On StudyinCanada, the numbers are even higher — 12,041,780 school impressions and 11,744 clicks.

We usually have anywhere from 20 to 30 schools featured. All in all, a featured school placement is a great way to boost overall awareness and brand recognition for your institution.

Featured Program

A featured program works similarly, in that it’s displayed on the main pages, and rotates based on how many programs are featured.

If you have a new program you’re looking to promote, a program you know is popular with students, or if you’re looking to boost applications for a program, this featured placement is a great marketing tool.

We typically have anywhere from five to 20 programs featured on the sites.

Over the past year, we generated 6,541,583 program impressions and 5,818 clicks on SchoolFinder.

On StudyinCanada, there were 10,971,530 impressions and 4,852 clicks.

Featured Scholarship

Arguably the most popular of all the features — students need money now more than ever! — featuring your scholarship is a great way to attract prospective students.

Whether it’s an award for $300 or $30,000, featured scholarships can really help spread the word about both your institution and scholarship.

Usually, we have anywhere from 15 to 30 scholarships featured. Over the past year, we saw a total of 986,935 page views and 207,536 application clicks across all featured scholarships.

Consider featuring your school, program, or scholarship to get that brand awareness boost you’ve been looking for! Reach your audience where they are with a little help from a featured placement.

For more information, or to look into a marketing package, don’t hesitate to reach us at

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