Higher education has seen incredible growth for 80 years — more students, more money, more economic demand, and more social prestige. Unfortunately, thanks to a demographic aftershock of the Great Recession, this run of good fortune may be coming to an end. Uncertainty and unemployment led to a decrease in birth rates, and even today, birth rates remain low. Thus, we’ve seen declining post-secondary enrollment, particularly in regions with below-average birth rates and frequent out-migration. As a result, classes will contract over the next two decades; a phenomenon that’s been dubbed the “enrollment cliff.”

In 2020, Canada’s universities, colleges, and registered apprenticeships had a total enrollment of over 2.7 million individuals, representing about 7.5% of the Canadian population — a figure larger than the combined population of the Maritimes. While domestic enrollment growth in Canada has slowed since 2011, an explosion of international student enrollment starting in 2016 has helped expand Canada’s student population.

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