In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, the debate over plain text versus HTML emails continues to captivate marketers. Should you go for the minimalist charm of plain text or dazzle people with eye-catching branded HTML designs? Let’s delve deeper into the nuances of each approach and explore how they intersect with our upcoming Integrated Drip Email Project

Understanding Plain Text Emails

Plain text emails are the epitome of simplicity: no frills, no graphics, just pure text. They’re like digital postcards, delivering messages in a straightforward manner. While they may lack visual appeal, they excel in conveying authenticity and fostering personal connections — a key aspect we’re exploring in our project.  

Decoding Branded/HTML Emails

On the flip side, HTML emails are the playground of creativity, where marketers can unleash their design prowess with visually appealing templates, images, and other branded elements. These emails are visually stunning — however, they come with their own set of challenges, including the potential overemphasis on visuals, negatively impacting desired conversions. 

Pros and Cons of Each Email Format

HTML emails offer design flexibility and exciting inbox experiences but can be tricky to render consistently across all email service providers. Plain text emails, while reliable and personal, may struggle to grab attention. These are precisely the nuances we’re analyzing in our project, aiming to uncover which email communication approach resonates better with our audience at specific touchpoints along their information-seeking journey

Insights from the Prospective Student Communication Survey 2024

Our annual Prospective Student Communication Survey, with over 1,400 students participating, revealed that over 48% prefer a mix of both email formats. This sets the stage for our exciting Integrated Drip Email Project. 

Next Steps

We’re looking for 3-6 school partners interested in testing this concept. This involves an initial consultation to discuss the project specifics where we will look at doing a plain text follow up or A/B test email. Once we have a plan in place, and the messaging is approved, we will send the emails and track the performance. This will be followed up by a post-mortem meeting.

Timing: Spring 2024   

Cost: There is no cost for participating in the project for active clients on the platform.   

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