As the world of education continually shifts, embracing the newest technologies to gain an edge in student recruitment is more important than ever. That’s why we’re excited to roll out the beta release of our AI-powered Client Centre. This new platform is packed with advanced reports and features, all designed to make your student recruitment process smarter, more efficient, and incredibly proactive.

In the coming months, we’re looking to add even more functionality to enhance your student recruitment management. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s currently on offer and what you can look forward to:

Overview and Key Metrics

Logging in to the client centre portal gives you instant access to key metrics on leads, profiles, programs, articles, events, etc. Change the date range to compare different periods, or the profile type to get metrics by domestic and international audiences.

Realtime Email Campaign Reporting

If you’re using our email marketing services, this new dashboard will now give you realtime reporting on your campaigns. Get aggregate and detailed reporting on emails delivered, open rates, click rates, etc.

Prospect Persona Generator

Ever wonder who’s really interested in your programs? Our Prospect Persona Generator gives you valuable insights into your prospect pool by using AI Insights. By analyzing your leads, it creates detailed profiles based on their interests and preferences. Just select a program and a date range and get ready to meet your most engaged prospects!

Competitive Insights: Enrolment

Keeping an eye on the competition is crucial, and our Competitive Insights feature is here to help. Using Statistics Canada data and our own AI magic, you’ll get reports and forecasts that help you understand where you stand.

Program Reporting and Insights

Get insights on your program’s performance on our platform. Understand how they stack up against similar programs from other schools.

What’s Coming Up?

The features we mentioned are just the beginning. We’re excited about developing more tools to help you refine your recruitment strategy:

  • Applicant Personas: Get deeper insights into who’s applying and why.
  • Conversion Predictor (Predictive Modelling): Identify leads with the highest conversion potential.

These future additions are all about giving you the knowledge and tools to attract the right students more effectively and efficiently.

Our new AI-powered Client Centre is here to change how you approach student recruitment, making it easier to connect with potential students and understand the trends of the educational landscape.

Ready to see how the Client Centre can transform your recruitment strategy?

Reach out to us at for more information or to get started.

Here’s to a more data-driven, successful future in student recruitment!

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