COVID-19 Coronavirus Information for Students

In these difficult and trying times staying informed is very important. We have created this section to help you stay up-to-date on general information related to the crisis as well as news and events related to schools, scholarships and careers.

We hope that you and your families are safe and well. Please remember that we are all in this together and things will get better.

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Ontario Colleges and Universities Preparing for In-Person Learning This Fall

Modified on July 21, 2021

Eager to be back on campus? Many Ontario schools will be back on campus this September, and you can be too.

What is Contact Tracing and How Does the COVID Alert App Work?

Modified on August 7, 2020

Find out how contact tracing can help protect yourself and others during the pandemic.

Would You Sign a COVID-19 Waiver for School?

Modified on July 21, 2020

Some schools are asking students to take on liability for COVID-19 complications on campus.

Volunteering Could Earn You up to $5,000 This Summer

Modified on July 15, 2020

The federal government has launched the Canada Student Service Grant for students and new grads.

Hands-on Learning will Return to Ontario Colleges in July

Modified on June 10, 2020

In-person instruction will resume next month so students can complete their programs.

When Will the Quarantine End in Canada?

Modified on June 3, 2020

The short answer is we don’t know, but there are promising signs from provinces across the country.

Will Colleges and Universities Reduce Tuition?

Modified on June 1, 2020

With so many programs going online, should schools reduce the amount students have to pay?

How to Get the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

Modified on May 15, 2020

The application process is open! Here’s how to start getting money.

September is Coming. Will Students be On Campus?

Modified on May 13, 2020

Will you be learning online or heading back to school? We’re not sure yet.

Government Announces $9 Billion in Financial Aid for Students

Modified on May 13, 2020

Monthly grants of $1,250 will go out to college and university students.

Manitoba Matches School Scholarships and Bursaries Dollar-for-Dollar

Modified on May 8, 2020

The province is investing millions in supporting students through the pandemic.

Government of Canada Expands Student Access to Emergency Funding

Modified on April 23, 2020

Changes to CERB will mean more students can access COVID-19 relief money.

Canada Summer Jobs Program Getting a Boost to Help Students

Modified on April 9, 2020

Employers hiring students and young Canadians will get bigger subsidies for more positions.

Student-led Team Develops COVID-19 Heat Map to Help Flatten the Curve

Modified on April 7, 2020

Stuck inside with nothing to do? These students put their skills to good use.

Government of Canada Announces Moratorium on Student Loan Payments

Modified on March 30, 2020

Anyone in repayment will have six months off, interest free.

University of Waterloo Donates Supplies to Help Fight COVID-19

Modified on March 30, 2020

Schools across the region are banding together to support healthcare workers.

Minecraft Education Collection is Now Free Until June 2020

Modified on March 27, 2020

Players can build and explore to take their learning further.

Thank a Nurse with the Canadian Nurses Foundation

Modified on March 24, 2020

Share your support for the brave nurses fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Western University Researchers at Work on COVID-19 Vaccine

Modified on March 20, 2020

A team of experts is working together to push back the novel coronavirus.


Keeping Your Cool During a Second Wave

Modified on October 1, 2020

The second wave of the coronavirus is here. How can you prevent the spread and protect yourself?

How to Study in Canada During the Pandemic

Modified on July 17, 2020

An international student’s guide to travel, study and work permits, and more.

Entry-Level Jobs in Essential Services

Modified on July 2, 2020

No experience? No problem! There are open roles across the country.

Fall 2020 Plans for Canadian Colleges and Universities

Modified on June 5, 2020

We’ve gathered up the latest info from schools across the country so you’ll be ready for the coming semester.

Finding a Job During COVID-19

Modified on May 18, 2020

Jobs are hard to get right now, but some companies and industries are still hiring.

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

Modified on April 23, 2020

Give yourself a DIY haircut while you’re under lockdown.

COVID-19 Resources for Students

Modified on April 20, 2020

Federal and provincial resources to keep yourself and others safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your Phone is Filthy: Here's How to Clean It

Modified on April 7, 2020

Your phone, mouse and keyboard are havens for germs. Clean them up, cheap and easy.

How to Make a Fabric Face Mask

Modified on March 30, 2020

Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital calls for donations of homemade face masks during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Modified on March 27, 2020

How to manage stress and anxiety during the new abnormal.

How to Make Your Own WHO-Approved Hand Sanitizer

Modified on March 26, 2020

The WHO has released a comprehensive guide to creating your own hand sanitizer.

College and University COVID-19 Websites

Modified on March 25, 2020

Find the dedicated coronavirus pages for schools in Canada and abroad, right here.

How to Work and Study From Home

Modified on March 16, 2020

Classes cancelled and moving online? COVID-19 is no joke, but neither is your education. Find advice to keep on top of your work.

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