Best Practices for Exhibiting at Events

Student fairs can be an incredibly effective promotional tool for your organization and the success depends partly on the exhibitor.
Here are a few tips to help you get the best return on investment from the SchoolFinder Fairs.

Stand out from the crowd:

Think of your booth as a billboard. Attract visitors to your stand by using bright colours, or by using a catchy tagline or scholarship information on your banners, or have some interesting visuals on your table.

Realistic expectations:

If it’s your first time marketing in Canada, don’t get disappointed if you don’t get immediate results. Fairs are great for gaining exposure, and for branding, but it does take time to become known in any new market.

Take advantage of the networking opportunities at the fair:

It’s a great opportunity to expand your network in the industry, and share ideas and experiences. Other exhibitors will be happy to recommend you for programs they can’t offer.

Have a sign-up sheet

for students who are interested in finding out more about your programs or university. This shows them that you are interested and also gives you great leads to follow up on.

Stay to the end of the show:

Don’t pack up early! The savvy exhibitor will often meet with a serious last-minute visitor while others are busy packing up!

Think small when it comes to hand-outs and brochures:

Attendees do not want to carry a lot of bulky materials – the smaller brochures are more likely to be taken away.

Look as if you want to interact:

If you have your head down and are working on your computer or answering emails on your phone, students will think you are busy and won’t like to disturb you.

Follow up with your leads:

Send them a quick email as soon as possible after the event before they decide to study elsewhere.

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