Introducing StudentConnect™

Apr 27, 2023 | Article, SchoolFinder Group Fairs

It’s hard to beat a meaningful conversation with a future undergrad student and their parents, or a future post-grad student with real questions about attending your school. These meetings can result in an application or even a registered student.

In an effort to help colleges and universities connect with prospective students, we are now offering StudentConnect™ — which will take place during the SchoolFinder Group Fairs this fall.


What is StudentConnect?

In a nutshell, the sessions offer you an opportunity to make personalized and meaningful connections with qualified students.

This service will provide schools attending the fairs with an opportunity to meet with 1-5 students in scheduled 25-minute meetings during fair hours.

The students are vetted by our team to ensure they are qualified. As a participating school, we will also send targeted drip email campaigns promoting StudentConnect™ and your school.

StudentConnect™ is available in all cities this Fall (2023). Space is limited on a first come first served basis, so we recommend booking early.


I met with three families during my session and had great conversations with each of them. One student has since applied for our Doctor of Pharmacy program – so that’s amazing. I look forward to participating in the Connect Sessions at the Fall 2023 fairs! 

Krista LaVack

Associate Director of International Admission, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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