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Helping you find the most suitable schools to visit and recruit students

School visits are critical in student recruitment, and knowing which ones to focus on is important.

As part of the Recruit in Canada fairs, we want to make it easier for you to identify the most suitable schools to visit in each city while you’re here.

So, we analyzed the data from our community of over 1.2 million registered students to identify the public and private secondary schools, colleges and universities that have students interested in studying in your country.

To get started, select the country where your school is located. Choose a province, school type and city (or cities). The schools will be sorted by the number of students at the school interested in studying in your country. The lists can be downloaded and contain contact information.

Alternatively contact us if you’d like help, have questions, or don’t see your country you can contact us at

Interested Study Country

Interested Study Country Total Number of Students
United States 38,984
United Kingdom 32,447
Australia 24,122
France 22,042
New Zealand 20,295
Ireland 20,011
Italy 20,008
Germany 19,636
Switzerland 18,750
Sweden 17,453
Spain 16,724
The Netherlands 16,049
Belgium 16,028
Austria 15,044
Netherlands Antilles 14,994
China 13,688
Singapore 13,549
Barbados 13,358
Hungary 13,148
Grenada 12,719
Antigua and Barbuda 12,702
Guatemala 12,660
Saint Lucia 12,437
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 12,109
United Arab Emirates 11,899
Thailand 5,227
Japan 4,862
Poland 3,811
Greece 2,965
Korea, Republic of 2,562
Portugal 2,459
Israel 2,080
Anguilla 1,845
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1,603
Saudi Arabia 1,352
Cayman Islands 1,054
Aruba 793
Malaysia 786
Luxembourg 242

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