CCUF Event Recap

2020-21 Academic Year

During the 2020-21 academic year, we hosted a total of 7 virtual education fairs in both the fall and spring.

Focusing on everything from general school exploration to program-specific events to helping students find ways to pay for their education, our events brought together 141 exhibitors and more than 22,000 students worldwide, which generated 15,672 total leads.

Event Overview

22,017 total registrants

Here’s a breakdown of the events we hosted over the past year, in which we had a total of 22,017 registrants:

1. Fall National Fair – November 6-7, 2020
2. STEM Program Fair – March 2, 2021
3. Health & Medical Program Fair – March 3, 2021
4. Humanities & Business Program Fair – March 9, 2021
5. Trades Program Fair – March 10, 2021
6. Spring National Fair – March 19-20, 2021
7. Ways to Pay for School – April 25, 2021


The majority of registrants were Canadian students


While the majority of registrants were students living in Canada, here’s a further breakdown of the registrant demographic:

» 83% of registrants were undergraduate students; 12% were mature students; 4% were parents of students

» 86% of registrants were living in Canada — Nigeria and India topped the list of the other 152 countries 

» 81% of registrants indicated an intended start date of 2021

» Students had varying program interests — Business AdministrationNursing, and Computer Science topped the list of over 1,000 distinct programs

Event Engagement

34,789 total session attendees

Across all 7 fairs, we were joined by an array of exhibitors from across Canada and around the world. Students enjoyed the variety of live sessions and being able to visit exhibitor booths and connect with recruiters.

Overall, sessions were a big hit

Sessions were by far the most attended feature of the fair! There were 119 total sessions which generated 34,789 total session attendees and an average of 292 views per session.

In a recent student survey, 75% of respondents told us that they found events informative and useful, and that presentations with live video and faces were preferred. View Survey Results here.

Exhibitor booths and session chats were also popular among students

Students visited different exhibitor booths a total of 31,685 times, with booths receiving an average of 255 visits across all of the events. These booth visits resulted in 15,672 total leads.

Even with the virtual format, students still loved to connect with recruiters and have their questions answered —  there were a total of 5,492 session chats throughout the fairs.

Looking to the Future...

Building on this success, we will be hosting our next virtual education fair this October! Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

To learn more about virtual events or if you’d like to have your events posted on the or sites, don’t hesitate to reach out (or use this form)!

The SchoolFinder Group Team

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