CCUF International Education Fair Recap

January 19, 2022

This January, we hosted the newest instalment of the Canadian College and University Fairs — the International Education Fair.

Focused on helping students answer their most pressing questions about studying in Canada, the event brought together over 2,230 students from around the world. Our roster of 18 exhibitors discussed everything from general school exploration to helping students find ways to pay for their education, generating 4,975 leads in total.

Event Overview

4,923 total registrants

The registrant pool was quite diverse, with registrations from 164 countries overall; however, the most significant groups were those living in Canada and Nigeria. Here’s a further breakdown of the registrant demographic:

1. Canada – 21%
2. Nigeria – 12%
3. India – 5%
4. Ghana – 3.8%
5. Pakistan – 2.5%


Most students are looking to start school in 2022

» 72% of registrants indicated an intended start date of 2022

» Students had varying program interests — Business Administration, Computer Science, and Engineering topped the list of over 750 distinct programs

» 78% indicated a need for financial assistance to study in Canada

Event Engagement

2,230 total attendees

The International Education Fair ran over a period of 6 hours, during which attendees were able to sit in on live presentations, visit exhibitor boots, and connect with recruiters. 

Overall, sessions were a big hit

Overall, sessions were well attended and saw the most engagement. There were 19 sessions which generated 4,604 total session attendees and an average of 242 views per session.

Though attendees were flowing in and out throughout the event, sessions that took place at the beginning of the day had much higher attendance than those towards the end. In fact, the first sessions received 57% more total views than the final ones.

Exhibitor booths were also popular among students

Exhibitor booths were also a hit. Attendees visited the various exhibitor booths a total of 4,838 times. Booths saw an average of 125 attendees and generated 1,724 total requests for more information.

Next Steps

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