CCUF National Virtual Education Fair Recap

October 22-23, 2021

In October 2021, we hosted the second annual CCUF Fall National Virtual Education Fair. This event focused on helping students across Canada learn more about their post-secondary options.

Over 2,800 attendees joined us for a two-day event, where they visited exhibitor booths and sat in on presentations hosted by our 49 exhibitors. The virtual fair was successful in aiding students with their school exploration and connecting schools with prospective students, generating 23,443 leads in total across opt-in session and booth leads, and request information form submissions.

Event Overview

7,333 total registrants

Most registrants were Canadian students

While the majority of registrants were Canadian students interested in studying in an undergraduate program, we saw significant groups of Mature students (10%) and parents (5%) within the registrant pool. Here’s a further breakdown: 

» 79% of registrants who responded indicated an intended start date of 2022

» Almost 800 distinct programs were represented, but Computer Science, Business Administration, and Health Sciences/Nursing topped the list 

» 18% of registrants were interested in studying in more than one province in Canada, with Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia being the most popular provinces 

Event Engagement

2,880 total attendees

The fair’s interactive platform gave attendees the opportunity to sit in on live presentations, visit exhibitor booths, connect with recruiters, and complete activities to collect leaderboard points. 

Sessions stay strong

There were 69 live sessions hosted over the two-day event, which generated 12,632 total session attendees and an average of 257 views per session. As we saw with previous CCUF events, the earlier sessions had much higher attendance than the sessions that took place towards the end of the fair – in fact, the kick-off sessions had 157% more views than the final ones.

Exhibitor booths were also well-visited – the exhibitor booths saw a total of 11,583 attendees, with an average of 236 attendees. 

Everyone wins — increased engagement using gamification

Gamification was a new addition to the event, in which attendees could complete certain tasks to earn points and enter prize draws. Activities included visiting specified booths, requesting information, and attending a session. Exhibitors who opted for gamification activities saw a significant increase in their number of session views, booth visits, and leads, respective to their selected activity.  

Next Steps

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