Generating Student Leads on the SchoolFinder Group Platform

Using LeadMatch™, LeadPost™, and LeadConnect™
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Our platform is designed to help you generate qualified student leads. In 2023, we had over 7,000 monthly sign ups and 180,000 unique monthly visitors — making it a great place for you to connect with students.

Read on to learn more about lead generation on our platform.

Lead Generation

Generate qualified student leads and receive 20+ data points, including program of interest, intended start date, and more.

LeadMatch™ connects interested students directly with your school based on your institution’s unique needs. ​You’ll receive over 20 pieces of information on each student after they’ve opted in to hear from you. All leads are CASL and GDPR compliant. 

In 2023, over 31,000 students requested information over 153,000 times. Students requested information from an average of 5 schools.

But, lead generation is just the first step — it’s important to respond. So, in order to help make your lead response seamless, we’ve developed lead management tools, LeadPost™ and LeadConnect™.

Lead Management

Leads can be directly imported into your CRM with LeadPost™ — or we can handle your lead response with LeadConnect™.


Automatically importing leads into your CRM enables you to communicate with your prospects in a timely and efficient manner. Using one of our integration methods, you can easily import leads into your own system. You can learn more about LeadPost™ here.

If you don’t have a CRM or want us to manage your lead response, that’s where our LeadConnect™ technology comes in. We’ll set up automated emails that are branded and personalized. The nurture campaigns can be set up at the beginning of the recruitment cycle and run until the end of the cycle. You can learn more about LeadConnect™ here.

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