How to Build a Scholarship Drip Email Campaign

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When marketing your scholarship, few methods rival the effectiveness of drip email marketing.

Using our network of 1.2 million students, parents, and counsellors, you can precisely target potential applicants using over 30 criteria, including location, age, academic interests, heritage, and academic average.

Leveraging our experience with over 100 scholarship clients, we’ve helped them consistently deliver record application numbers year after year.

Working with The SchoolFinder Group has been extremely helpful in consistently helping us reach students with our messages and contests. Utilizing their email marketing, social posts and featured scholarship listing as part of our outreach, RGC was able to hit a record number of scholarship award entries for the 2021-2022 academic school year.

Lisa Couperus

Associate Director, Special Projects and Programs, Responsible Gambling Council

What Is a Drip Email Campaign?

A drip email campaign is a series of emails sent out to a targeted audience over a specified period. These emails are sequenced and timed strategically to nurture leads and engage prospects, up to your application deadline.

The term “drip” refers to the gradual release of these emails, often spaced out to maintain the audience’s interest and encourage further interaction.


Example 1: EECOL

EECOL Electric is one of Canada’s leading electrical product distributors, and we’ve worked with them for over 3 years to help market their scholarship.

In 2023, we sent a total of 6 emails to eligible students.


To generate applications for the scholarship.

Target Audience

Students living in Western Canada entering their first year, with an interest in engineering, electrical, technology, or a construction-related program.


We sent a total of 6 emails to the target audience.

Subject Line

Nathan, invest in your education and apply now for a $1,500 scholarship!


Students — starting your first year this fall at a college or a university in an engineering, electrical, technology, or construction-related program? $1,500 is waiting for you!

Opterus Email Template

total sent


unique open rate

people engaged

Emails 2-6 were spaced 1 week apart and served as reminders leading up to the application deadline.

In 2023, EECOL received 105 submitted applications, up from 92 applications the year previous — which is a 14% increase

Example 2: Manulife

Manulife is a leading international financial services group that operates worldwide. Since 2020, we’ve worked with them to help market their scholarship. 

During their application season, we send a total of 4 emails to both students and counsellors. Below are an example of the student emails:

Student Email 1

Student Email 2

Student Email 3

Student Email 4

The student emails target approx. 5,000 students living in Canada, who’ve indicated the loss of parent or guardian, and the counsellor emails target approx. 2,000 counsellors living in Canada. Stay tuned for the 2024 results!

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