Using LeadPost™ to Import Leads into Your CRM Automatically

Integration Guide

Automatically importing leads into your CRM enables you to communicate with your prospects in a timely and efficient manner. Using one of our integration methods, you can easily import leads into your own system.

Choosing an Integration Method

There are two main ways to automatically import leads into your CRM:

1. HTTP Post: This is a real-time method which instantly sends leads to your CRM when they request information from your school. We can send you these leads via a Webhook URL or your API. If you’d like to receive a test lead, you can set up a Webhook here and contact us:

2. Flat file import: This is a batch upload process. Based on your preference, you would receive an excel or XML file on a daily or weekly basis, which can then be imported into your CRM. This upload process can be automatic through use of FTP.

Configuring Fields to Import

Once you have chosen an integration method, you will want to configure the fields to import. These are the fields that can currently be imported:

Field Name Label / Description  Possible Values Example
FirstName First name   John
LastName Last name   Doe
Email Email
Salutation Salutation   Mr.
Gender Gender M (Male) F (Female) O (Other) P (Prefer not to say) P
Phone Contact Number   111-222-9028
PhoneType Type of phone Cell General Home Work Home
Address1 Address Line 1    123 John St
Address2 Address Line 2    
Address3 Address Line 3    
City City Name Calgary, New York, Mumbai… Toronto
Province 2 Digit Province/State Code ON, NY, QC… ON
Country 2-Digit Country Code CA, US, IN… US
Country of Citizenship 2-Digit Country Code CA, US, IN… IN
PostalZipCode Postal Code (Alpha/numeric) A1A B2B, 112345… A1A B2B
Program The program from your school to which the student is matched   Bachelor of Arts
HighSchool High school attended by the student   Central Technical School
AcademicAverage The student’s academic average Range 1-100 83
DOB Date of birth Valid date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) 01/23/2001
LeadMatchComment The student's comment from the request information form    
InterestedIn Level of education the student's interested in pursuing Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Continuing Education, High School, Language School, Not interested in school right now, Online/Distance Education Undergraduate Studies
TermID The intended start term indicated by the student 202109, 202201, 202305… 202209
LevelOfInterest The student's level of interest in your school, calculated by checking how many total schools they have requested information from Low (More than 11 schools) Moderate (2-5 schools) High (2-5 schools) Very High (1 school) High

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Current Integrations

These are some of the clients and systems we’re currently integrating with:

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