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Automating Your Student Recruitment Response
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It’s no secret that responding to student inquiries is a vital part of any successful student recruitment strategy. In a recent student survey, 86% of students indicated that responding to their request had a positive impact, and conversely, 87% told us that NOT responding to their request had a negative impact.

And yet, not all schools are responding to student inquiries. In our recent Fall 2022 Secret Shopper Program (where we measure the timeliness, frequency and quality of responses from over 100 colleges and universities), 35% of schools did not respond at all. With increasing competition for students, this is serious.

Based on our research, students should receive a response within 1-5 days, with 7-12 total emails throughout the cycle. Many colleges and universities that we secret shop don’t meet this criteria — but you can.

If you’re using our platform to generate student leads and you don’t have a CRM, you can use LeadConnect™ to respond to your student inquiries. 


What is LeadConnect™?

Simply put, it’s an automated lead response, that’s hands-off for you.

Using our LeadConnect™ technology, we can set up branded and personalized email templates. The campaign will be automated, with emails going out to your leads within 24 hours. Using this technology, additional emails can be sent in an automated and timed progression so that you are in constant communication with your prospective student leads. The nurture campaigns can be set up at the beginning of the recruitment cycle and run for months — until the end of the cycle.

We work with you to design the templates and content. Then, once the campaign is running, we provide you with reporting.

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