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  • Applying for a fall start before it’s too late
  • New semester, new year, new you
  • Staying mindful: focusing on your wellbeing
December 31
  • Smart study strategies for midterms
  • Transferring schools, programs, and courses
  • Networking like a pro: building good connections
January 31
  • Should you keep your studies going through summer?
  • Looking ahead to your future career, and preparing for your summer job hunt
  • Pros and cons of grad school
February 28
  • Where (and how!) to study this exam season
  • How to beat stress and prevent burnout
  • So you got your offer of admission — now what?
March 31
  • Have you thought about studying abroad? Exchanges, full years etc
  • Moving forward with your career, no matter your program or degree
  • Understanding co-ops and internships
April 30
  • How to travel on a student budget
  • How to make a good impression, from resumé to interview
  • Choosing your courses 101
May 31
  • It’s not too late to volunteer this summer
  • Roommates: how to find (and be!) a good housemate
  • Money tips: saving and spending wisely
June 30
  • Budgeting for the upcoming semester
  • Things I wish I knew as a first-year student
  • The tech and tools you’ve got to have for school
July 31
  • How to prepare for college and uni while still in high school
  • Living away from home for the first time
  • Is a gap year right for you?
August 31
  • Getting the most out of your school experience: clubs, associations, and more
  • Differences between high school and post-secondary
  • Thinking ahead to grad school prep
September 30
  • Undergrad research opportunities
  • Double majors, minors, specializations: what’s the right path for you?
  • Preparing yourself (and your documents) for application season
October 31
  • Weighing the right school and program for you: from size to cost to student life and more
  • Graduation bucket list: X things to try before you graduate
  • Unwinding and reflecting on your year during the holidays from the student perspective
November 30

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