The SchoolFinder Group Database Email Query Fields

May 2022
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These are the fields available to query the SchoolFinder Group (SFG) database for email campaigns. Note that not all one million + students will have values in all the fields. 

33 Email Query Fields

Field Name  Possible Values 
First Name    
Last Name    
Gender  Male, Female, Other or Prefer not to say 
Phone Type  Cell, Home or Work 
City of Residence  Calgary, New York, Mumbai, etc. 
Province / State of Residence  ON, NY, QC, etc. 
Country of Residence  CA, US, IN, etc. 
Postal / Zip Code  A1A B2B, 12345, etc. 
Country of Citizenship  CA, US, IN, etc. 
Profile Type  Student, Mature Student, Parent, Counsellor, Agent 
Currently In  High School, College, University, Grad School, Law School, Business School, etc. 
Interested In  High School, College, University, Grad School, Law School, Business School, etc. 
Region of Study Interest  Provinces, States and Countries 
Intended Start  Month and year of intended study 
Degree Level of Interest  Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, etc. 
Program of Interest  Up to 5 from 1,200 CIP Fields of Study 
High School  Up to 3 
Post-Secondary School  Up to 3 
Academic Average  Range 1-100 
Birthday  Age 
How you heard about us   
Interests  Academics, BIPOC, Business, etc. 
Heritage  Indigenous, Hispanic, Ukrainian, etc. 
Extra-curricular Activities  Alpine skiing, Canoeing, Choir, etc. 
Affiliation  Abitibi-Price, BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union, McDonalds Restaurant, etc. 
Personal Circumstances  ADHD, Amputee, LGBTTQQ2SA, etc. 
School(s) of interest?  Up to 5 schools 

Next Steps & Further Reading

If you’d like further information on how you can reach the more than one million students, parents, and counsellors in the database, please contact us at: 

The SchoolFinder Group Team


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