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Our suite of tools and services give you access to The SchoolFinder Group platform and our community of over 1.5 million students, parents and counsellors. We help over a thousand institutions and companies reach the students they’re looking for, by delivering your message to where it needs to go.

The SchoolFinder Group platform is the place to reach and engage students! Whether you are looking to recruit qualified new grads, co-ops or interns for your company, promote a special offer, survey, event or scholarship, our platform will deliver your message to the students you need it to reach.

Featured Placements

Drive significant traffic

Reach students searching for financial aid opportunities with featured placements across the platform. Featured Scholarships and Perks will provide your offer or award with prominent homepage placement!

Content Marketing

Deliver value-added content to our student community

Build relationships with students and answer their questions via Discover, the SchoolFinder Groups’ content hub. Distribute your content here to receive hundreds of monthly views and presence in our newsletters.

Email Marketing

Target the audience you’re looking to reach

Our targeted email campaigns make it easy to reach the exact students you’re looking for. By breaking down our community with over 35 different filters, including location, age and areas of interest, we can get your message to exactly the right students.

Event Promotion

Get students out to your events

Your events are important, so share them with our community! With an event listing across the SchoolFinder Group platform, your events are sure to get noticed by students.

Social Media

Get help with social

Need a hand getting results from social media? Our social media experts are here to provide guidance or manage your social media presence for you!

Scholarship Management

A full-service scholarship management solution

If you’re looking for help managing your scholarship, look no further. The SchoolFinder Group will oversee your scholarship program from promotion, through to selecting the winner(s), and all stages in-between.

Find out how our tools and services will set you up for success!

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