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2021 was another year for the record books — from Delta to Omicron, and from virtual learning to in-person (and back to virtual!) — 2021 has been a whirlwind.

To celebrate the onset of 2022, we’ve gathered up our partners’ top performing articles across our three sites: SchoolFinder (aimed primarily at Canadian students), StudyinCanada (for prospective and current international students) and ScholarshipsCanada (a resource featuring award listings and advice for all students). Each site has its own top 20 list, with its own mix of popular topics.

Some of these pieces were posted in 2021 — others are from the past couple of years. Great evergreen content draws eyeballs!

Speaking of eyeballs: across the three sites, we served over 3.1 million views in 2021! That’s an amazing 61% increase over 2020. To break these numbers down a bit, in 2021, we served about 1.7m views to SchoolFinder, 552,000 to StudyinCanada, and 818,000 to ScholarshipsCanada.

We hope these findings will help inspire you to write and share compelling content that answers students’ burning questions. Best of luck with your articles in 2022!

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SchoolFinder Discover

Total SchoolFinder Discover article views in 2021: 1,740,122

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StudyinCanada Discover

Total StudyinCanada Discover article views in 2021: 552,892

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ScholarshipsCanada Discover

Top ScholarshipsCanada Discover Content 2021

  1. Six Things to Research About Potential Schools
    by Ontario Tech University
  2. How to Get a Great Scholarship Reference, part 1: Who to Ask
    by mycampusGPS
  3. What Does “Financial Need” Mean for Scholarships?
    by mycampusGPS
  4. Scholarship Application Checklist
    by Unlock your Future
  5. How to Manage Your Student Loan During COVID
    by University of Waterloo
  6. How to Get a Great Scholarship Reference, part 2: How and When to Ask
    by mycampusGPS
  7. 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Campus Tour
    by Vancouver Island University
  8. Scholarships: How do I Know if it’s Worth it to Apply?
    by mycampusGPS
  9. Searching for Scholarships? Don’t Make These Two Common Mistakes
    by mycampusGPS
  10. Increase Your Chances of Getting a Scholarship
    by University of Regina
  11. Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
    by mycampusGPS
  12. Scholarships are Possible: Conquer your Scholarship Fears
    by Unlock your Future
  13. Social Media and Scholarships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    by mycampusGPS
  14. Why You Need to Schedule Time to Find Scholarships
    by mycampusGPS
  15. Finding and Applying to Scholarships
    by University of Waterloo
  16. How to Read a Scholarship Application: Why you should read the fine print
    by mycampusGPS
  17. What’s Next For You After Graduation?
    by Study and Go Abroad
  18. Financial Resources to Help You Pay for Post-Secondary
    by Vancouver Island University
  19. 5 Scholarships at George Brown You Need to Know About
    by George Brown College
  20. Tips for Applying for Scholarships and Awards
    by University of Northern British Columbia

Total ScholarshipsCanada Discover article views in 2021: 818,777

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